Krocciarind nuts (Krocciarinds) are nut-like seeds of the krocciarind vine native to the elcor colony of Thunawanuro.

The nuts are roughly an inch in diameter. almost perfectly spherical and boast a rather beautiful dark cerulean coloration when ripe. Their shells are extremely difficult to crack and are sometimes used in handicraft by some conceptual bijouterie crafters due to their beauty and stone-like mechanical resistance.
Krocciarind nut

A ripe Krocciarind nut on a human palm.

The edible part of the nuts has a rather fruity sweet and sour taste, with strange aroma, unique enough to be difficult to compare to other fruits and nuts. The nutritional value is rather high, though far outclassed by many other foods of the same category. Krocciarinds are valued by batarians and some humans for a very powerful aphrodisiac effect they have on their biochemistry. Care and caution are advised, due to a possibility of unpleasant side effects, such as mild hallucinations for batarians and allergic fever for humans. Overdose can cause intestinal cramps, lengthy and draining insomnia and elevated blood pressure.

Krocciarinds are toxic to salarians, capable of causing dangerously elevated blood pressure and even stroke if eaten in liberal amounts. Due to the side effects, krocciarinds are regulated merchandise on some worlds. They are sold freely on Illium, however.

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