The Korlus Administrative Board is the legal government in charge of Korlus, though their claim to the planet has been called into question due to the loss of their capital of Choquo during the Silencing.

Run by Chairman Shegan Del and several other prominent volus investors with projects in the Terminus Systems, the Administrative Board has offices on Irune, Illium, and The Citadel where they manage the requests for ships to be sent to the world for breaking and reclaiming. The board also manages various subservient organizations such as the Korlus Tourist Board, which has essentially become defunct in the post-war environment, and the Korlus Escort Fleet which has mostly been appropriated by the Gomorrian Dominion.

However, unbeknownst to many, the legal status of the Administrative Board's control over the planet has been called into question by Council officials. The charter granting the Administrative Board control over Korlus has a clause requiring for the Administrative Board to control a colony on the surface at the very minimum. Currently the only remaining colony of the original 29 that was not conquered or destroyed, Choquo, which also served as the Administrative Board's capital on-planet is nothing more than a cesspool. As such, the Administrative Board is scrambling to find a way to reassert their claim to the world of Korlus and be able to resume business once more, especially in a post-war climate where many ships will need to be disposed of.

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