A drell, who became the first non-human elected to government office on Intai'sei. Orphaned as a child and adopted by human parents, Udorn became a naturalized Systems Alliance citizen in 2170.

Living with his wife and four children, he owned a starship dealership. He became a controversial and noteworthy figure when he was elected to the Intai’sei Colonial Council. Udorn was certified as the winner of a five-way race in a by-election in the Montana River Valley riding. Udorn was to fill the seat left open by the death of Councilor Angus McDowell, who had represented the riding’s 10,800 residents on the 15-member Colonial Council for the past eight years.

He ran for office as a member of the Social Democratic Party.

Councilor-Elect Udorn sat down with the Thoreau Republic to talk about being the first non-human elected to office on Intai’sei. He recalled watching his biological parents succumb to Kepral’s syndrome:

“I was begging at the docks on Kahje when a human freighter captain and his wife found me and took me in. They were the first non-drell who showed me compassion”.

Udorn learned the starship trade from his adoptive parents, but decided to settle on Intai’sei after marrying his wife Nikal, an artist.

Tragedy struck when a disturbed human interrupted the ceremony in which Udorn was to be sworn in with an attempted assassination. The gunman took the attending peace officers by surprise, shooting them at a distance with an unregistered M5 Phalanx pistol equipped with a laser sight. Udorn's eldest daughter, 13-year-old Arasi, attacked the gunman and tried to wrestle the pistol away, but was shot in the head during the struggle and died at the scene. The gunman was then tackled by bystanders and taken into custody.

An injured Udorn was taken to hospital, and made a full recovery. He was seen leaving the hospital with his wife and surviving children, but wouldn’t speak to reporters. Councilor Tseng-Chen Kuo, who was wounded at the same time as Udorn and is said to have shared a hospital room with him, acted as spokesman on behalf of the family, but revealed little information. Tseng-Chen Kuo did, however, quash rumors that Udorn wouldn’t be taking office:

“Korat feels that he can do good on the Colonial Council. Losing a daughter is a hard thing. But he feels Arasi wouldn’t want him to give up.”

Udorn was indeed sworn in as a member of the Intai’sei Colonial Council. Alliance Minister of Colonization Peter Ayegba was in attendance, and administered Udorn’s oath of office.

In a speech before the ceremony, Minister Ayegba told Udorn, “You spoke of the compassion that humans showed you as a child. Know that such compassion still exists among humanity, compassion that no weapon can kill”.

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