Commonly known as a monofilament spike or dart, kora’nef generally consist of a barbed spike or arrowhead on the tip of a monofilament wire. The most common form consists of a small cartridge that can attach to any standard hardsuit just above the wrist containing a spool of monofilament wire and the mechanics necessary to propel the blade, which travels just below the speed required to trigger standard kinetic barriers. Most versions can also retract the wire for repeated use or deploy manually for use as a garrote or tripwire. Based on an ancient batarian hunting weapon, kora’nef have found popularity with assassins and slavers due to their relatively discreet size and multipurpose nature. Versions of the tool are also popular with recreational climbers, extravehicular maintenance workers accustomed to working in low or zero-gravity situations, and sport hunters. While kora’nef are typically inexpensive and widely available, numerous variants exist, including some with multiple cartridges, microfabricated blades of various shapes and sizes, or magnetic attachments.

Among slavers, kora’nef are frequently used alongside kohrhesit gauntlets, taking advantage of the conductive nature of monofilament to electrify targets at a short distance without requiring an omnitool. This tactic has become known as “runner’s bane”.

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