An extremely spicy fruit native to Tuchanka.


Tuchankan kopsas, fully ripe

Kopsa Charjaw contests are one of the local traditional competitions. The contestants are dared to eat and survive kopsas in ever increasing potency until they yield from pain. Members of other species are known to participate in Kopsa Charjaw contests occasionally, though health complications of varying stages of severity and even fatalities are disturbingly common in such cases.

Kopsas are part of numerous krogan dishes. Pickled, dried or otherwise processed kopsas are available on the galactic food market. They have gained particular popularity with batarian populations due to being highly compatible with batarian cuisine, which is known for the extreme spiciness of many dishes. Also, concentrated kopsa extract, sold in powder form as an extremely potent spice, has been known to be utilized as an effective irritant agent in makeshift "pepper bombs".

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