Commonly known as “slaver gauntlets”or "slavemakers", kohrhesit are a batarian technology dating back hundreds of years before first contact with the wider galaxy. Essentially an electrically conductive glove with padding to protect the wearer, slaver gauntlets were designed shortly after Khar’shan harnessed electricity, and have been in intermittent use ever since. Ancient designs included batteries which needed to be replaced after a varying number of discharges, but as almost any power source is viable there are many different variants on the market.

Impractical for large-scale subdual, slaver gauntlets are favored by auctioneers and other middle-men who handle individual slaves for short periods of time, and depending on their calibration can be used to temporarily stun even a krogan. High-ranking slavers often wear one as a sign of status, and among more affluent slaver groups such as the Crimson Chains kohrhesit are standard-issue. More recently, slaver gauntlets have seen use among salvagers and technicians for their ability to ‘jumpstart’ otherwise dead control panels and other equipment.

Modern kohrhesit frequently use kinetic barrier generators as a power source, momentarily draining shields to generate their electrical charge but otherwise adding no bulk to a given hardsuit or uniform. More costly models retain their own internal power sources, which avoids the shield-drain issue but results in slightly more weight and bulk to the slaver gauntlet itself.

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