Kloro is an independent batarian colony in the Terminus Systems, founded in 1384 after the discovery of deposits of Element Zero. Land grabs by various batarian interests took place almost immediately, and conflict over the precious resource has given this world a history of civil war. Internal fighting has only ceased when external threats unified the local armies against them, and then promptly devolved back into infighting after the threat had passed. After a Unification War spanning nearly two decades, the different factions have been unified under a single military government headed by Governor Jemak.

The vast majority of the population is batarian, but a small amount of non-batarians have come to call the world home. Some are merchants; but many of them are or were mercenaries of many races, almost all of which currently serve in the Kloran Army, the largest proportion of which are krogan.

Arid climates cover the majority of the surface land along the equatorial region, with attendant warmer temperatures. Agriculture take place nearer the polar regions and coastlines, with fishing being of importance wherever there is a large body of water. Despite their near lifelessness, the deserts still see major settlements, almost all of them centred around an Eezo mine. The most populated is the capital city, built around the largest Eezo deposit on the planet.

Due to the relative abundance of Eezo, and a historically lax attitude toward safety when mining and processing it, Kloro boasts a higher than average population of Biotics.

Kloro hosts an annual combat games in its capital, featuring gladiator games both lethal and non-lethal, and contestants both voluntary and not. Lethal events are reserved for prisoners and contestants who choose to use lethal rules. For some members of the military, it is another way to gain rank or prestige. The Governor usually participates personally in some fashion during the games.

The Ixeran province was the last holdout in the Kloran Unification War, with all the other provinces swearing fealty to the new unified government several years prior, most under similar agreements. The conflict had largely ended with the absorption of the other provinces, with only a handful of border skirmishes to indicate that there was in fact still a state of war between the two governments.

Negotiations between the two began in earnest after the fall of Khar'shan became public knowledge. Beginning with a ceasefire, the two groups began cooperating militarily shortly afterward, fearing an invasion. The governments cited the fight for the right to survive as far more important than any petty squabbles they may have had. The end of the Reaper invasion threatened to end diplomatic relations, but after over a year of talks, Kloro was united for the first time since its colonization over 800 years ago.



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