One of the five Citadel wards, traditionally regarded as the most prestigious of them. Kithoi ward is the home to Council Central Archives, the Taralos Amphitheatre, Edroki Plaza, the Larathos Institution, and Draylax Towers. It is also home to Palaven Gardens, inspired by the great parks on Palaven itself. There is a food market nearby, adjacent to its many great eateries.

Other Locations

  • The Authority is a nightclub and performance space catering to the BDSM community.
  • D’Lareti Hotel.
  • On The Shoreline is a hanar restaurant, serving seafood prepared by highly-regarded hanar and drell chefs from Kahje, with live entertainment from hanar dancers (in aquariums) and bioluminescent folk singers.
  • Galactic Goodies is an antiques shop owned by the volus merchant, Nol Borit. Located near the Edroki Plaza, the shop sells many collectibles from different cultures, including films, music, ceramics, art, video games, toys, appliances, decorations, jewellery and a large collection of printed books.

Notable Residents

Nifty Cal was born on Kithoi, though he lives on Omega.


Water Park: A new attraction is announced for the ward.