Counter-relief of krogan crest, Voc Ta caves, Tuchanka, claimed by folklore to be Kherat's.

Kherat is a legendary figure of the krogan, closely tied to Clan Veloc. The legend recounts Kherat's struggle to free the krogan people from forces keeping them weak.


In the beginning, the Highest Ruled. He commanded the Volcanoes and Hurricanes, The Greatest Harvester and the Most Ravenous Thresher Maw. To be a Krogan in that age was Glorious, there were many threats from which to gain Glory.

But Kherat, a warrior of what became Veloc, denied the rule of The Highest. For the Highest had ruled for Longer than any Krogan had lived, and nothing had changed under his Most Exalted Rule. The Krogan did not grow nor improve themselves, and Kherat saw this and was enraged.

So Kherat set out, hunting the Greatest of Thresher Maws to free the Eldest of Shamans, Vagharok Mavrok, from its colossal gut. And from its bones he made Fighting, a Blade Unparalleled by any other and able to topple any obstacle, used to Free Krogans from the chains of their servitude to the Gods. And then Kherat slew The Eldest, and from his Crest made the Remover. A shield able to ignore even the mightiest of Blows. And with these he ventured Forth.

First he Slew Ghola-Ki Agha, Shield of Nature, for she kept the Development of Weapons in check, limiting the expansion of the Krogan. Then he Slew Gethan-ka Ni. Paragon of Envy. She who kept the Tribes Small and Weak and Needing of Gods. For she caused the Krogan to hate each other for little wrongs. Then he slew Mokhva. Paragon of Battle. For he kept the Development of The Krogan in check by pitting them against each other instead of turning their attentions towards their real foes. And he Slew His and The Highest's Mate, Wreghada. For she told the Krogan Lies to keep them from suspecting their gods were the cause of their woes.

And then, enraged, The Highest left his Throne and Challenged Kherat. And Kherat accepted, but when The Highest met Kherat at their meeting place, Kherat had brought the tribes who he converted to his cause and had them hide. And then during the height of the duel they charged and removed The Highest's Knees and Quad and Crest, allowing Kherat to finish him. And from thereon The Krogan Never Accepted a Leader for a more than a Long Cycle. For to do so was Stagnancy. And Stagnancy, as Kherat told, is death.


Translation of the oldest surviving accounts of Kherat, passed down in oral tradition using ancient languages, is imprecise in differentiating the proper nouns "fight/fighting" and "free/freedom"; the concepts are closely linked in the source languages.

One of the two military space stations orbiting Tuchanka post-Reaper War, created by Corel Heavy Industries and Urdnot Aerospace, is named Kherat station -- the other is named for Shiagur.

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