A batarian criminal, infamous. Ab’Arohth had a bounty of nearly half a million credits, being wanted for murder, piracy, rape, and conspiracy to enslave sapient beings, among other charges. His most famous crimes included the burning of the colony of Caernabog, and the assault on a colonial flotilla in 2171 that resulted in almost 300 people being captured and sold into slavery. His last known offense, the Haven Convoy Robbery, was in 2178, after which he disappeared off most galactic records. He reappeared for the course of the Reaper War, during which he received an Alliance pardon for assistance in creating trade routes and moving supplies through the Terminus Systems. He participated in no combat operations and disappeared immediately after the war’s end.

Thousands of people on Elysium and Terra Nova condemned the parden. Bogdan Senko, a prominent political activist who escaped enslavement by Ab’Arohth, called the move “an immense betrayal” and “a travesty that shames the memories of the thousands of lives Ab’Arohth destroyed throughout his career”. There were calls for investigations into the pardon, with demands from across the Skyllian Verge that those responsible lose their jobs and the pardon be repealed. Most prominent among these voices, of course, were pro-independence political organizations whose relationship with the Systems Alliance Transitional Administration on Earth was hostile already. Several groups posted new, independent bounties for Ab’Arohth; in a press release by The Citizens for Free Elysium, who posted a 50 thousand credit bounty for the pirate’s death, a representative claimed: “Some of us will pursue justice, even if SATAE has given up on the concept”.

Jerome J. Johansen, a man who lost his wife and daughters in one of Ab’Arohth’s raids, claimed the pardon was a ‘travesty’ and ‘a betrayal of the ideals of the Systems Alliance’. He called for the bounty, at the least, to be reinstated and for the pardon to be reversed. He claimed that his desire for such action wasn’t prompted by revenge, but instead ‘the... sincere belief that justice must be done in this galaxy'.