"The Khar'shan News Network is dedicated to bringing truth and enlightenment to those unfortunate worlds outside of Batarian Space. The Citadel races have embarked on a campaign of misinformation and deceit in an effort to slander the Hegemony and protect their own imperialist agendas. KNN seeks to subvert this oppressor propaganda and bring an alternative viewpoint to the Galaxy."

The Khar'shan News Network (KNN) was a broadcast service purporting to be a news outlet, originating within the Batarian Hegemony and transmitting throughout the Terminus Systems. KNN supposedly reported on Hegemony news and current affairs, along with some extra-Hegemony news, with an anti-Citadel, pro-Hegemony bias, generally so extreme and blatant as to be self-defeating. Viewers outside the Hegemony, lacking knowledge of its current events, apparently don't get the subtle jokes hidden within the transparent spin-doctoring.

It's unclear whether KNN was straight parody or some complex propaganda piece, designed to lull people into a false sense of security and mocking humour so as to soften the galaxy for the real Hegemony manipulation.

Reports rebroadcast via CDN

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