A dreadnought design in use by the batarians. The Khar'Shan -- named for the batarian homeworld -- was only produced in limited numbers at first, but went into mass production (to the extent that something as horrifically expensive as a dreadnought can be mass-produced) when the Hegemony declared its withdrawal from the Farixen treaty.

The dreadnought was up to the standards of the time and saw use as the flagship design of the Hegemony's fleets. When all that matters in space combat is that you have the biggest stick, then the Khar'Shan is the biggest of them, being able to cripple most of its counterparts with one direct hit. Such power comes with a considerable drawback, of course. The ship has a large profile, making it an easy target, and it has to compensate with massive armour plating and shields, which in turn increases fuel consumption and lessens heat efficiency. However, if you only need to hit once, the latter points cease to matter much and tactics involving the Khar'Shan invariably come down to one simple approach: keeping the enemy force occupied for as long as possible so the Khar'Shan can (hopefully) inflict massive damage.

Almost every ship in the class was destroyed by the Reapers during the fall of the Hegemony.

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