Kevla in her usual gear

Kevla Sonn-Dura was a 28-year-old female batarian mercenary, born on Khar'shan, and long-time member of AEGIS. She was known for her cheery outlook and friendly, outgoing personality. She posted on the CDN as "Kharshan-Sunrise".

Kevla was killed during the Cerberus invasion of Omega in 2186, when she sacrificed herself to allow the rest of AEGIS time to escape.

Kevla did not reveale much about her past, except that she grew up in J'unkora Docks, a port town in the district of M'itgha, and had two brothers and a sister. A member of the batarian military, Kevla was arrested for 'political dissidence' after speaking out against being ordered to fire on protesting worker-caste. She was sent to a internment camp, but managed to escape when an influential politician who was also imprisioned hired a mercenary unit to break him out. Freed during the break-out, Kevla accompanied the politician out of the Hegemony to Omega.

A demolitions specialist, Kevla joined the mercenary unit AEGIS shortly after she arrived on Omega, where she quickly became friends with Shane Ryder and Thel'Adean. She also became close to Korwun Gorik, seeing the older krogan as a surrogate father figure.

Kevla also maintained a sporadic relationship with Julmoth Ran'Obhol.

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