"Taking notes." Kenec'Getha nar Iblin, Pilgrimage

Kenec'Getha is a young quarian residing on the Citadel. Generally calm, collected, and kind, he does have something of a hidden bitterness to him. Formerly a civil protection officer on the Migrant Fleet, he resides outside the fleet trying to enjoy the new civil liberties he could never have on the flotilla.

Early Life

Born in the year 2169 on the quarian cruiser Iblin, Kenec was the son of then Migrant Fleet Marine ensign Theo'Getha and Junior Technician Vankla'Leran. The Iblin was known for its conservative attitude towards the Geth, and frequent protests against so-called Geth sympathizers living onboard. Less in line with the Migrant Fleet's practice of a militaristic government, Kenec was frequently at odds with his peers for his more liberal views concerning the Geth and the outside galaxy in general.

Having been a frequent victim of bullying, both physical and psychological, Kenec sought solace in other outcasts and the more downtrodden of the ship. Unfortunately, this tendency led to more conflict with his peers, and eventually his father, who worried for his son's well being amongst the "delinquents" of the educational system. Eventually though, the time for Pilgrimage had come - but an affection and empathy with the lower class and the discriminated had grown, as well as a curiosity for the other races of the galaxy.


In early 2185, the first stop for his Pilgrimage was the remote world of Mandathi, where he came across a salvage yard run by a turian by the name of Nidra Lenrathe. Old, senile, and possibly half insane from the intense heat of the arid world, the turian offered Kenec an old clunker of a personal transport - if Kenec could beat him in a game of Skyllian Five poker.

The game lasted two minutes before Nidra called the game off to catch the broadcasting of Our Legions, an award winning turian soap opera.

For the next few months, Kenec drifted amongst the stars, going from planet to planet in search of a lead that would prove worthy of a Pilgrimage gift. Some journeys led to areas long since combed over by scavengers, others to desolate wastelands with no value whatsoever. All the while, he had to deal with the stigma of being a quarian, and he almost ended up killed on more then one occasion by workers thinking he was after their jobs.

At some point, Kenec landed on Noveria for a lead on quick credits. Being short on money and desperate to not end up having to resort to scavenging simply to survive, he accepted the job. The offer, unfortunately for him, was posing for a softcore pin-up in Fornax magazine.

On the plus side, at least it's easy to look at.

Several months after this event, Kenec would join a forum to alleviate the boredom and loneliness of solitary space travel, a forum called Cerberus Daily News.

That's when life took a turn for the strange.

Late Pilgrimage

Having landed on Omega, the first of what would prove to be many odd adventures happened.

A few dozen vorcha, a mercenary company, and Winston Colter dealing with a psychotic ex-girlfriend.

After having escaped the vorcha and Winston's insane ex-girlfriend, Kenec then took up a job with Murtag Kirok in the sewers of Omega. Upon salvaging and selling a rather fancy car, Kenec had enough credits to get off station.

Soon after, he accepted a job posted on the news board, defending a small, remote corporate colony by the name of Osea. Details are scarce as to what happened during the battle, though it's noted that Kenec is much less willing to perform violent acts now, where as before, he would have gladly shot and killed people who were a direct threat to him without hesitation.

On his first visit to the Citadel, he met a quarian woman by the name of Neyla'Vamposa vas van der Trask, a sergeant in the Migrant Fleet Marines on leave. Hitting it off surprisingly quickly, they became lovers and confidants. The fact she was in her early thirties did not seem to bother Kenec.

While on the Citadel, Kenec announced a movie night (though it quickly turned into a veritable marathon and mini-festival) aboard his ship, the Tinketta, to watch all of the films in the Dirk Black (film series) and invited any who would wish to come. The Citadel guests were Paladin Everett Maliszewski, fellow pilgrim Thel'Adean vas Tinketta (then nar Rayya), Jaquento Schmidt, former Terra Firma activist Job (We_standalone), and a neurotic salarian named Keron (wretchedhive). Illium guests including professional escort Daia T'Nara, (in)famous mercenary Johnny M'Sonna, and pilgrim Litem'Vanyel nar Urrik. Much fun and enjoyment was had.

Reaper War

Rachel Fisher, AKA Lt. Callie Thorpe, made Kenec a beneficiary of her will:

"If I kick it at any point during this war, the Lethe and all of the possessions in it belong to you, Kenec. The ship, the banner, the journals, hell even the guns in it. It's in a hanger on the Citadel that I've paid for for the next five years. The co-ordinates'll be sent to you once I die, but whatever. I probably won't be using it for a while either; friend of mine has a ship of his own that we're going to use for this war, see if we can help people."

Not long afterward, he sent a message of his own to Najhil and Hansa:

I guess this is it.

Look, don't tell anyone else this - the message is encrypted for a reason after all - but here's what's going down; the Fleet is going to war with the Geth, at the worst possible fucking time. We're all in for this, win or die, victory or defeat.

There's a good chance we're all going to die. I don't believe that'll be the case, but there are the stakes. The entire quarian race going down in flames. Me with it.

I don't support this war. A lot of quarians don't. Don't listen to that "duty" crap; most of the people here are scared out of their minds.

It'll be a fucking miracle if we win this.

I only came back to the Fleet because if I didn't, I would've had to face... consequences for "extended leave". In other words, working with you both. I guess after the apartment blew up... I didn't really know what to do. I went to the one place that would always be home. More of a prison at times, but it was home.

...fuck, I don't know why I went into all that detail. I just... I guess I want you to know something above all else.

I'm sorry. To both of you.

If I live, you don't have to ever see me again. If I die, you won't ever have to see me again. Win-win for you both.

...damn war.


Najhil sent a reply:

Don't die. Najhil cannot forgive Kenec for betraying Najhil's Trust, but there has been too much Death already.

Goodbye, -Najhil


  • He knows Marine hand-to-hand.
  • Has three hundred (no more, no less, thank you) holovids of various genres, age, and species production.
  • He is a Broxie - he enjoys the turian cartoon My Little Moxie.
  • Very rarely uses contractions in his speech or writing - Iblin Khelish is very formal like that.
  • Space Italian accent (space Tuscan to be precise).

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  • Dirk Black was originally conceived during a chat session with The_Sarcastic_Salarian and Zoftan, with asari_promiscuity providing the movie posters for the series.
  • vas Luvshakh was also made up during a chat session in joking regard to Kenec's apparent memetic attractiveness. vas Loveshack. GET IT?