I trusted Shepard before it was cool.

The adopted child of Rabbas and Sanjin bar, Kayana "Capice" Pesh is one of the board's resident sh*t disturbers. Reeling from an attack that left her an orphan, Kayana signed the compact in hopes of learning how to fight the Reapers. However, that decision has had more consequences than she ever expected, as she finds herself moving in dangerous circles and dealing with the emotional fallout that accompanies her work.

Dealing with Kayana is generally quite simple. If you are dedicated to fighting the Reapers, and treat her fairly, she will like you. She has an intense dislike of sepratist movements, and likes to pick fights with the more agressive Sundowners. She has a weakness for competitive, arrogant men, which may explain her entanglement with Albert Lowell. She is not nearly as together as she acts.

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