The Kasathar, or ‘Huntsmen’, were a batarian gang based out of the Juni Arcology on Omega. The group took their name from their preferred method of making money – kidnapping tourists, merchants, and anyone travelling on Omega without enough protection. The group would hold their victims for ransom and, if the ransom was not paid, would subsequently sell them into slavery, guaranteeing a profit either way. As time went on, the Kasathar became more confident in their abilities and started abducting harder and harder targets. Eventually they started quietly accepting contracts to capture and humiliate or enslave specific targets, a novel and inexpensive alternative to assassination which the Kasathar made into the cornerstone of their operation. Through careful selection of contracts and an understanding of their own capabilities, the Kasathar were becoming one of the most professional and capable small gangs on Omega.

When the Crimson Chains were seeking a foothold on Omega, the Kasathar were one of several groups, along with the Sons of Khar’shan, which they identified as good candidates for absorption. While the Sons of Khar’shan joined the slavers readily, the Kasathar’s leadership refused. Over the next few days the highest-ranking members of the Kasathar suffered a variety of lethal accidents: the thruster pod on a skycar exploded, several starving vorcha found their way into some personal quarters, and a leak in the sewage treatment plant drowned several in their mess hall. Finally, the group’s leader accidentally shot herself in the head three times, and those left in charge proved much more receptive to the Chains’ offer. The remaining Kasathar joined the Chains, where they continued operating on much the same basis as before but with the support and resources of the larger organization.

During the Reaper War, a number of former Kasathar were on long-range missions for the Chains when the relays were destroyed. Most of these subsequently joined the Blue Suns, where their independent nature and specific skillsets earned them the moniker of ‘Crimson Suns’.

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