Kaneel'Jorash nar Sombrei, known better as Migrant_from_Migrants, was a young quarian out on pilgrimage and a student (in time "son") of Davril. Very eager to learn and kick ass, he had an ambivalent view of the Migrant Fleet at best.

By the age of 17 he had already survived employer betrayal, geth, terrorists, parasite-controlled abominations, and an explosion caused by Arla while fighting said parasites.

He was in a relationship with Irene Taylor for a while.

Kaneel was killed during the Reaper War, at Veratix Station.


All In A Day's Work: Kaneel's new mercenary job proves to be an exciting one.

Family Business: Kaneel is not happy that his father abandoned him.

Is anybody Out There?: Kaneel has been out of contact for some time. What has he been doing? Also, things have changed a little -- Kaneel now has a "little sister". Leading to...

In The Flesh: Davril, Flower and the Alliance have a Kaneel to retrieve.

Adoption: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It: Back "home".

Romantic Fatigue: About that girlfriend he hasn't seen in half a year...

99 Problems... Make That 100: Back on the Citadel, Kaneel heads to Aphin's Place.

Reasons to be Happy: Kaneel, Najhil Holken, Hansa, and Kolya Wright share some time together at Broken Ground Botanicals, in the aftermath of the Cerberus Coup and the reclamation of Rannoch.

The Battle of Veratix Station: The big one. A full-on battle against Cerberus... and Kaneel's last adventure.