Dr. N'Vir's team during preliminary exploration of the Kal'Ala colony

Kal'Ala IV is the fourth planet of the Kal'Ala system. In 2186 Terran calendar a Salarian Union survey crew discovered the remains of a colony there, representing a previously unknown sapient species.

The Kal'Alites

The "Kal'Alites" (whose home system and native name remain unknown) were a bipedal species, averaging shorter and wider than humans, with three eyes and four-fingered hands. At the time of their arrival in the Kal'Ala system, between 1500 and 2000 Terran years ago, their technological level was roughly equal to 21st Century Earth. The Kal'Ala colony was evidently established to preserve their species when their home star became unstable.

Archaeological study

Following the survey crew's discovery, a team of archaeological experts was assembled from across Citadel space, led by Dr. Telea N'Vir. Due to the colony being primarily underground, and Kal'Ala IV lacking an atmosphere, the site was well preserved, and the team recovered remains of the inhabitants, as well as artworks and photographs depicting them in life. The colony's facilities included living quarters, resource mining operations, and basic manufacturing plants.

There is evidence that a primitive terraforming program was intended to be undertaken. Furthermore, banks of thousands of DNA samples were discovered, representing plant and animal species from the colonists' homeworld, apparently intended to be recreated via cloning to populate the colony's reconfigured environment. The team, bolstered by additional archeologists and biologists called in following the DNA chamber's discovery, went on to find nearly 4000 perfectly-preserved Kal'Alite DNA samples, theorised to have been taken from notable members of the species, possibly in a bid to recreate their own species on a wider genetic base than that of the colonists alone.

The Kal'Ala colony failed nearly 75 years after its founding, due to a plague that spread rapidly through the inhabitants. Several colonists resorted to placing themselves in sleep pods from the colony ship, but these units failed several hundred years prior to the site's rediscovery, leaving no survivors.

Following the discovery of the Kal'Alite DNA samples, there was a controversial debate in academic circles over whether to attempt to clone a Kal'Alite from the recovered genetic material. Despite the potential avenues of research offered, the Citadel Council ruled that no cloning of Kal'Alites would be undertaken, although cloning of non-sapient plant and animal species under laboratory conditions was authorized.

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The discovery and exploration of the Kal'Ala colony was reported in the following Cerberus Daily News updates:

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