An elcor term, referring to their natural herding instinct, the primal desire to huddle and move inwards, particularly when young. It feeds into both elcor family structure and their reverence for memory as a basis for communal precedent.

A legend associated with the twin capitals of Dekuuna references the ka-cor. At the Last of all Mergings (a half-mythical transition from scattered herds to global government in a time before the modern Courts), Or-Gyclyn, He who would Neither Lead nor Follow, attempted to disprove the power of the ka-cor by polluting the pool of memory. With the jug later known as the Harsher Chastisement of Or-Gyclyn, the Just Ralmonisuuk raised water from the pool and demonstrated its continued flow, as her mate the Wise Raxuu raised water beside her in the Tempered Chastisement of Or-Gyclyn, revealing its continued reflective purity.

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