K-24 'Neeru' gunship.

The K-24 ‘Neeru’ gunship is a versatile craft favoured by slavers and counter-insurgency units across the Terminus Systems.

Originating in The High Republic of Orozvhad, the first production models appeared in 2152, and were intended as replacements for the aging Sharamik gunships used by local law enforcement. The Neeru proved so adept in this role that it was quickly incorporated into the Orozvhadi military and subsequently spread across the Nemean Abyss and Terminus.

Designed as a dual-purpose transport and gunship, the Neeru features a primary cabin capable of transporting a small team of heavily-armed troops, with a secondary rear cabin that can be hermetically sealed off from the primary, making it an effective prisoner transport. The secondary cabin can also be used to transport extra supplies or even an additional squad, and this flexibility has made it popular with both law enforcement and slavers.

In its role as a gunship, the Neeru can be equipped with a variety of weaponry, but comes standard with three highly accurate mounted mass accelerator machine guns and two rocket pods. Other popular weapon packages include net launchers and gas dusters for nonlethal suppression

Criticisms of the Neeru primarily target the almost exclusively forward-facing nature of its weapon batteries. It also suffers from slightly reduced speed and maneuverability compared to the popular Mantis gunship, and is incapable of operating in the vacuum of space.

See: Neerumakt.

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