An elcor, a notable figure in the history of Dekuuna. Juxxak the Steady overhauled the education system in a time before the completion of the Last of All Mergings (the partly mythologised process of forming a global society, the modern Courts of Dekuuna). Various elcor nations already overlapped in the consultation of elders, and had begun to merge to the point where the elders of one community would consult the records and heed the wisdom maintained by the elders of another, based simply on merit or efficiency.

Juxxak was a pioneer in education, who pushed for a system whereby outlying elcor communities sent their young for part of the year to one of the capitals - usually the part of the year when that capital was underpopulated - and learned the ways of the inner settlements while paying for that education in cultural innovations, experiences or practical techniques that resulted from their family's unusual living. Those communities were often more innovative by necessity. Even if these foreign ideas weren't adopted by the mainstream, they were recorded; precedent was recognized and later studied, so that the elcor might be prepared for all contingencies.

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