Justicars of the Asari Republics
is an action/role-playing game published by OmniWare studios, in association with T'Luca Arts. The player takes the role of a Justicar recruit in an historical setting, who during the course of the game and its expansion packs must assemble a team of specialists to combat exceptional threats to the asari people. A recurring theme is the game's "morality meter", in which the player has the choice of approaching situations according to strict or lax interpretations of the Justicar Code, or even ignoring the Code altogether.

Although OmniWare went to great lengths to recreate historically-accurate locations and technologies, much of the setting is intentionally fictionalised, either to allow anachronistic plot elements or character types to be explored, or simply because it's more fun that way. Justicars are presented as possessing powers far beyond those plausible even for powerful biotics, including the game's signature "gravity blade", a biotic field in the form of a sword; swordplay and duelling is a major part of the game's combat system, alongside more pedestrian weaponry. Additionally, morally negative acts are presented as a manifestation of the protagonist's hidden Ardat-Yakshi side; players who pursue the negative path can access abilities comparably implausible as those given to the game's Justicars, based on folklore representations of Ardat-Yakshi.

An extranet massively multiplayer version of the game is in production, in the style of Galaxy of Fantasy, which among other enhancements will allow players to take a variety of roles within the JotAR "world", besides that of a Justicar. There also exist FaBrix sets based on the game, and an entirely different video game based on the FaBrix JotAR sets.


  • Even ignoring the impossibility of the protagonist's special abilities, the use of Ardat-Yakshi to describe a morally negative path in the expansion pack "The Chrome Wars" is inaccurate, since regardless of morality choices the player has the option of melding with whichever other character they have pursued as their love interest. The game's designers have acknowledged the error, but stated it falls under "rule of cool".
  • As well as the game's known "Justicar" and "Ardat-Yakshi" storyline endings, a third ending option is included in the game, without being alluded to in any of its documentation: if the player finishes the game with their morality score perfectly neutral, the protagonist, after saving the galaxy, can leave the Justicar Order in favour of a career as an exotic dancer.
  • OmniWare's computer imagery division, in addition to its work on the studio's games, also provides visual effects for motion pictures. These include Citadel XXX, which in turn has led to OmniWare being tasked with creating a video game adaptation of the film, which will use an upgraded version of the JotAR engine and gameplay system.