The Judgement's Herald was a batarian S'ketcha-class assault frigate owned by Korwun Gorik and used as a mobile base of operations by the mercenary unit AEGIS prior to and during the Reaper War.

Originally designed to carry a compliment of 40 batarian commandos on hit-and-run orbital assaults, the S'ketcha-class is a powerful, heavily-armoured starship produced by the batarian State Shipyards and still in use today.

The Judgement was approximately 40 years old when bought by Gorik and lacked some of the newer advancements that current assault frigates feature, but it was a reliable and durable vessel. Its primary armament were a pair of heavy cannons and it also featured four VI-controlled machinegun turrets used to clear landing zones of enemies.

Once over a landing zone, troops were deployed rapidly to the surface by mass-effect drop-chutes, that allowed a full-equipped soldier to drop almost 10 metres without injury.

After purchasing the Judgement, the members of AEGIS made a number of modifications to the ship, including stripping out and upgrading the old mess and galley, turning troop bay 1 into a dojo/training room and turning troop bay 2 into a basketball court. The ship soon became an iconic symbol of the mercenary unit, and was well known around the Omega Nebula.

The Judgement's Herald was destroyed during the attack on Veratix Station during the Reaper War, when a coalition of Terminus forces attempted to retake the Veratix shipyards from Cerberus forces led by "Thanatos". During the battle the Judgement was heavily damaged by a broadside from the Cerberus flagship known as the Black Ship and the Judgement's pilot, Korwun Icha, sacrificed himself (along with the vessel) by ramming it into the enemy, succeeding in causing significant damage to the Black Ship and allowing the rest of the fleet to destroy the Cerberus flagship.


  • Korwun Icha
  • Doctor Nathan Workman
  • Walton Jones
  • Kurt Boulanger
  • Lonnie Tabron
  • Allan Grissett
  • Ashlee Lamoreaux
  • Erik Laramee
  • Tinash Rakar
  • Rothosia Orena
  • Osinius Undisia
  • Radar Oranix
  • Aughist Oranix
  • Lorocix Shyucia
  • D'Nenuk Vrax
  • Goronak Bar-Ogat
  • Vogat Sonn-Dura
  • Garik M'hadras
  • Jai-gat Ban-Vrak

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