A human government official. Senator Joshua Alba had been a long-time opponent of a Cerberus mole within a certain planetary government, and had been repeatedly and successfully blocking attempts to push through new defence requirements. Cerberus assigned agent Pharos to assassinate him.

The chance came when Alba was aboard Diplomatic Shuttle 37-Indigo, carrying an Systems Alliance diplomatic party bound for Fia Nor. Pharos' mission was to eliminate Senator Alba while he was in transit, making his death appear as accidental as possible. Pharos determined that due to Alba’s personal security, the best way to eliminate him was to destroy the entire shuttle. As such, he acquired the uniform and code-key of a maintenance worker and infiltrated the shuttle bay. He rigged six units of C12 around the element zero core of the shuttle, wired to a remote detonator which was set to detonate once the shuttle reached a distance of 500 kilometres from the station. When the charges blew they destroyed the core entirely, increasing the shuttle’s mass to 100% at full engine burn. The inertial difference was enough to cause the shuttle to completely disintegrate, with 100% fatalities to all on board. The subsequent investigation ruled the destruction a mechanical failure.

Cerberus, though, was displeased that Pharos had saw fit to kill 36 people in order to reach the one target.

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