The logo of the Crimson Chains

One of the few high-ranking Crimson Chains who did not originate within the Hegemony, Joral nabOrcas led a small batarian gang on Omega known as the ‘Sons of Khar’shan’. Made up primarily of disenfranchised Terminus batarians, the Sons of Khar’shan intended to earn their way back into the Hegemony by espousing its values on Omega. nabOrcas led the entire gang to join the Crimson Chains after their successful raid on Rhotan, and his ambition and charisma along with extensive contacts on Omega itself led to repeated promotions. Within a year, Joral was the highest-ranked non-Hegemony member of the group.

Eventually, nabOrcas’ ambition got the better of him, and while Abad Sam-mel was off-station he laid a trap for AEGIS, a long-time ally of the Chains. The trap worked, but failed to destroy AEGIS, and the result was a gang war that lasted until Sam-mel could return and restore order. In consequence, nabOrcas was sent to help oversee the smaller Cartagena branch of the Chains, while Alto Ord’narak was sent to oversee the group’s base on a moon of Chresk as punishment for failing to control Joral or decisively win the gang war.

On Cartagena, Joral served as second in command to Ashtor Sam’klar, as it was assumed that his ambition would help expand the organization’s foothold quickly. These plans were interrupted by the arrival of the Reapers. Unlike the main branch of the Crimson Chains, the Cartagena faction retreated in the face of the enemy, abandoning the station to its fate. Throughout the war they subsisted by selling their protection services to small colonies and Abyss worlds and then abandoning them to their fate when the Reapers appeared in-system.

Following the withdrawal of the Reapers, the Abyss Crimson Chains returned to Cartagena, recruiting extensively and opening their organization up to non-batarians. Quality and training both declined as a result, but Sam’klar and nabOrcas now control the largest single faction of Crimson Chains. Both their relative success and the lack of opposition from other major batarian gangs point to the Cartagena Chains' involvement with the Grusto crimelords, who are known to have extensive contacts on Cartagena.

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