Job (Job Larson)
Username: Private Eyes
Species: Human
Age: Unknown (Estimated 30's)
Occupation: Vagrant
Location: Omega

Very little is known about Job Larson, other than that he was a vagrant on Omega (since having moved to Illium for employment purposes) and that he may have biotic powers. He keeps to himself, but occasionally posted information about odd or weird occurrences on Omega.

Leads a trio consisting of himself, Mad Matty and Three-Eyed Goro.

Voice of Omega Radio

Job informs listeners of the various goings-on of the station underworld.





Four Continued


The Mothman Cometh

An update on the underclass of Omega

New Board

New CDN: Job reports in on the new site.

Return: Voice of Omega radio returns!

Return, part two!

A word of warning to all you naughty Omega residents: People talking about CDN? Are we in danger?

Voice of Omega Radio: Mysteries of Circuit and Space: Involves a trip to the depths of the station to find the mysterious Anathema.

Just to let you all know, I'm not dead: That last show ended a bit abruptly. Is Job alright?

Is It Just Me Or Are Things Too Normal Around Here?: Omega is quiet. Perhaps... no, let's not even finish that line.

Omega Is Out Of Coffee: Be strong!

An Odd Few Months: Where has Job been?

Tripping the Cosmic Void

Job "sells out" to the Man - in this case, DWICK (Jorgal Dwick).

Lookie Who Made Himself Respectable: Job's new gig is announced.

Episode One

Episode Two.

A Slice of Humble Pie: Job joins Dwick and Terrorbyte themselves for a crossover of sorts.

Still at DDS

Food Crimes: Job has investigated many disturbing things but few compare to 20th Century Earth cuisine.

Looking For Interesting Places: When it's not falling apart, Illium can be a bit too boring for Job's liking.

Hey, anyone here know how to disable a TX-779 Magnetic Lock?: Job requires some assistance.