The Jirko is a Migrant Fleet Lorica-class Cruiser combined with most of the hull of a Xaphin-class Freighter. Originally a pair of ships found damaged and abandoned, the Lorica sections had extensive damage along the underside of the ship, destroying most of the cargo spaces and some of the engineering sections. Conversely, the Xaphin portions were more or less intact, save for the upper decks where the CiC section was located. Seeing an opportunity, the Migrant Fleet cleverly and carefully conducted repairs to both ships, choosing to economically strap the Xaphin hull to the bottom of the Lorica hull, then rerouted the systems and subsystems of the Xaphin hull into the command systems of the Lorica hull to create a new ship with the increased capacity and defenses of the Xaphin, while not sacrificing any of the speed and maneuverability of the Lorica thanks to the additional engines and the now-composite engineering area. Reclassified as a Heavy Cruiser and christened the Jirko, after its discoverers, the Jirko clan, it has served in the Patrol Fleet as one of its heavier ships, with a crew of over a thousand quarians onboard. It is currently captained by Sudit'Sibrat vas Jirko.

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