Jina Mas is an asari deity, whose image in the Serrice Third Pantheon unified similar figures in many pre-Serrice belief structures. Although generally acknowledged as a shape-shifter, she is commonly represented as a child, or a hybrid of asari and talxu, a Thessian domesticated species widely favoured as companions, and is regarded as the goddess of secrets and mischief. Although many tales involving Jina Mas see her meddling in the affairs of mortal asari, causing confusion and exasperation as she takes various forms and interferes in carefully-laid schemes, she is generally represented as a benevolent being, and her activities tend to come to a conclusion which grants new insight and understanding to those involved.

In modern times she is invoked in a manner akin to "fairy tales" of other species, although her historical presence is loosely identified with Athame Tylani, the aspect of Athame representing humour and forgiveness. (See: Athame Doctrine)

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