Jil'Korah vas Azure Wheelbarrow (formally Jil'Korah vas Dasegar); a quarian, and a core member of The Band.

He trolls mercilessly, most notably taking every opportunity to associate the outbreak of the Systems Alliance-Vies War of 2190 with Mekan of Omega, dubbing it "Mekan's War" and trying his hardest to spread the moniker across the forum, an effort which was quite successful.


Cerastes, who has worked with Jil and the Band on several occasions, once flooded his suit with tetrabytes of highly-illegal pornography. Cerastes also once placed Jil's name on 115 sex offender lists throughout the galaxy.

Oddly enough, a killswitch has designated Jil with the entirety of Cerastes's databases, complete with decryption keys.

On Alliance With The Geth

"First, the geth have acted in good faith. Once we finally made agreements with them (which nobody could for a long time, admittedly), they've acted decisively in support of those agreements. Nobody insisted that they help in rescue and recovery efforts after the treaty was signed - it wasn't even part of the treaty, but a lot of quarians would be dead today if the geth hadn't jumped in and helped save them.

Second, how much of a choice do we really have? Every time we've tried to destroy the geth, it's backfired. The first time it cost us our homeworld, the second time it cost us a third of our population along with what little respect we could have earned from the galaxy by helping against the Reapers right away. The galaxy's not going to help us destroy them, especially when as I stated above they're acting in good faith (even if they *do* have some ulterior motive, which is totally possible), and we can't keep living as parasites."

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This is a thread about Jil'korah.

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