Jerome Hennison is a 26 year old [physical age] human male, and a former member of the Manswell Expedition colony on Alpha Centauri.


Following the discovery of the Alpha Centauri colony by the rest of the galaxy, Jerome Hennison opted not to stay with the colony. He was impatient with the acclimation process, however, and ended up moving to the Citadel, where he lived on Tayseri Ward and did odd jobs to earn credits. Neighbors and friends in Tayseri described him as an "extremely outgoing" individual.

In 2186 CE Terran calendar, Hennison was reported missing. C-Sec launched an investigation, led by Detective Gary Vitali, that eventually moved to from Tayseri to Zakera Ward. Shortly after Detective Vitali had been seen canvassing Zakera's warehouse district, a C-Sec Special Response Unit raided a warehouse there, and busted a merc group that had been running a slaving and sapient smuggling operation. Hennison was one of the individuals rescued.

Hennison's story took an odd twist, however, when at least one C-Sec operative reported that the former colonist had been found plugged into medical units. According to the officer, it looked more like the mercs "wanted to run tests" on him, rather than sell him. Shortly after, the Zakera warehouse, which was still sealed off from the public, was visited by a science team, as well as Detective Vitali, C-Sec Captain Armando-Owen Bailey, and Council Spectre Mira D'Rana. These warehouse visits were followed by a closed meeting between the Citadel Council, Spectre D'Rana, Detective Vitali, and Mr. Hennison.

In the coming weeks, evidence that Jerome Hennison's disappearance was not a simple missing person's case continued to mount. The merc group that kidnapped him was tied to a group operating on Sharjila, that had been destroyed through a raid that was conducted jointly between Alliance N-7s and the salarian STG. Shortly after, a Council infiltration group destroyed an independent research station in the Okara System. Sources with the Council suggested that the base operators were tied to Hennison's kidnapping.

Ultimately, a leak within the Citadel defense establishment revealed several key details about the Hennison case. The mercs who had been destroyed on Sharjila had been hired by the operators of the Okara research base to kidnap Hennison. The researchers wanted him for unspecified experiments, because he exhibits several genetic traits that no longer occur naturally in humans. Neither the name of the organization that sponsored Hennison's kidnapping, nor their goals, were ever revealed. It was reported that Hennison remained in protective custody.

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