A rachni military asset known as a "hive walker". The vanguard of many planetary assaults during the Rachni Wars, the Jemdat Umbalik is the ultimate arbiter of rachni planetary superiority. Deployed by orbital drop from a carrying cruiser or dreadnought, the hive walker is, at more than seventy metres long, a colossus: an angular fortress sitting atop four titanic legs, capable of bullying through defenses and infrastructure by sheer mass alone. Within its shell it carries entire platoons of soldiers, swarms of workers, and light and heavy armour. Mounted on its thickly-armoured hull are accelerator cannons, missile bays, and superheavy main guns with rows of cooling vents radiating waste heat towards the rear.

Historically, the Jemdat Umbalik have been used to spearhead joint naval/planetary assaults and crush ground resistance operations, serving as the ultimate indicator that a rachni Swarm has come not only to raze and burn but to colonize and conquer. For this, they have achieved an almost mythical status, their presence asserted and disputed at some of the rachni’s greatest victories and defeats.

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