Batarian governor of the planet Kloro, in the Terminus. His full name is Jemak Drolar; unusually among batarians, he favours being addressed by the first name.

A warlord in all but name, Jemak unified the warring factions of Kloro over a period of several years. The previous governor began the path toward unification, and saw promise in the young soldier as he quickly rose through the ranks. By the time the Governor was assasinated, Jemak had risen to be his second in command.

Jemak is an above average biotic, with special ability in the skills of stasis and barrier. Like many batarians he finds other species to be inferior in general, if to a lesser degree, and he is willing to make exceptions for powerful individuals. In the same way he finds non-biotics to be inferior to biotics.

He is a member of the batarian warrior caste, and though he finds such things personally irrelavent, he recognizes that his conquest of Kloro would have been nearly impossible without it. He is not deeply religious, but follows a conglomeration of batarian beliefs, mostly as they pertain to the warriors.

His main revenue source is the rich supply of Element Zero that Kloro produces, and he dabbles in the Red Sand trade as well.

He expanded his operation onto Omega in a partnership with Abad Sam-mel and the Crimson Chains.

Married to a physician named Za'wara that he met during the war - he suffered a serious wound, and she saved his life. They have several young children.

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