Jeffords Pallone was a Systems Alliance Member of Parliament, and formerly a member of the Parliament Committee for Foreign Affairs. He was forced to resign his committee position following a controversy surrounding his marriage to an asari professor.

At the time Pallone's engagement to Glada T'Dami, a professor of comparative politics at Arcturus University, he had been an MP for fifteen years, representing Elysium, and was a senior member of the Foreign Affairs committee. Although some MPs wished the couple well, protests arose, most vocally from Matthew Auberger, an MP representing Bekenstein and a member of the Terra Firma party. Auberger, also a member of the Foreign Affairs committee, called Pallone's loyalty to the Alliance into question, suggesting his five-year relationship with T'Dami indicated he could not be trusted to hold humanity's best interests at heart.

Pallone and T'Dami were married on March 10th, 2186 CE Terran calendar, on Elysium. The ceremony, mixing human and asari customs, was marred by protests outside the venue. Protestors organised by Auberger, who led the demonstration, repeated their calls for Pallone to step down from his committee position, and were met by counter-protestors organised by Derek Allen; police were required to separate the two groups.

Ten days after his wedding, Pallone resigned his position on the Foreign Affairs committee, expressing in a recorded statement to his fellow MPs his regret that his marriage had become a political issue. He reiterated his loyalty to the Alliance, and indicated he would seek membership in another committee following his honeymoon.