Photoshopped by Aphin.

Jammin Moxie is the official mascot of NKaria Audio, and appears as a spokesperson in commercials for their products, particularly the ever-upgrading editions of the Nkaria Jambox portable sound system. It is of indeterminate gender, but has historically been portrayed by male actors, starting with his first depiction in 2158 by celebrated Terra Novan voiceover actor Roy Macadangdang.

The character initially debuted as a dancing anthropomorphic moxie with the inexplicable catchphrase of "That's another hoomph for the subwoofer!" (it was never explained what a hoomph was), but has been reinvented several times to appeal to a more current audience. These reinventions were usually at least a decade behind the times, until the 2186 revamp eschewed generational adaptation altogether and turned Jammin Moxie into a bloodthirsty warmonger (having apparently converted to an extreme sect of drell polytheism). Current advertisements feature less promotion of NKaria products and more maniacal, crazed rants or outlandish threats of extreme violence against competing sound system companies. The change in tone has coincided with a surge of NKaria sales and a newfound extranet popularity for the character, whom the fighting game community has dubbed "Nightmare Omega Shin Jammin Moxie" (or NOSJM for short, commonly pronounced "Nosejam").

Two omnitool games have been released featuring the character: 2170's "All Star Jammin Moxie Clawball: That's Another Hoomph For The Courtyard!" (a clawball simulator), and 2186's "Devour The Hearts Of NKaria's Adversaries So That You May Take Their Power For Yourself" (a side-scrolling platformer; distribution is banned in the Illuminated Primacy due to extreme gore, subversive religious themes, and depictions of intense violence). The second game's 'game over' sequence (a three-minute video in which Jammin Moxie berates the player for 'your failure in the eyes of your ancestors, of the gods, and of myself, the First Archon' and declares that they will be 'cast into the eternal fires of Khareesh-Bek, where the dretch-spawned lost souls of those who have failed before you will violate your every orifice with blades wrought of unholiest perdition') is sometimes cited in memetic images circulating on the extranet, usually as a deliberately-overreacting response to a mistake.