Jacob Angelaus (Jcb112 on the forums) is a medical doctor, and currently a member of the Seattle-Vancouver Department of Health and Safety Board, as well as the permenant Director of the Munroe Memorial Hospital. 

Jacob Angelaus
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Age/Date of Birth

28/March 29 2161


Seattle-Vancouver, UNAS, Earth

Current Residence

Seattle-Vancouver, UNAS, Earth


Director of the Munroe Memorial Hospital

Member of the Seattle-Vancouver Department of Health and Safety Board


Eric M. Angelaus M.D. [Father, Deceased]

Professor. Caroline Angelaus [Mother, Alive]


Samantha Caldwell [Old/Best Friend, Alive]

Elizabeth M. Emerson [Significant Other, Deceased]

LTCDR John Wagstaff [Acquaintance, Alive]

Narcí D'lakré [Friend, Alive]

Faena T'Remi [Acquaintance, Alive]

Eye Color

Blueish Grey

Marital Status



Due to his somewhat sheltered ubringing, Jacob is a reserved, somewhat skittish, but well-mannered individual. He's quite easy to get along with, and he gets along well with other humans, espeically Earth-bound humans. However, problems start occuring when he talks to people outside his own race, as he hadn't been exposed to alien culture and interactions, due to the fact that he'd basically been Earth-bound for the entirety of his life (up until very recently). 

He personally considers himself an introvert, and would much rather pursue academics and research, but due to family pressures and societal pressures both he appears to be, for all intents and purposes, an ordinary, semi-outgoing person, who's quite effective at leadership and management positions, hence his current role as the Director of the Munroe Memorial Hospital and a Member of the Seattle-Vancouver Department of Health and Safety's Administrative Board. (See: Systems Alliance Transitional Administration on Earth).

He also seems to have inherited his parents' workaholic tendencies, having essentially worked around the clock, except for the odd holiday, for 3 years since the war. This has led to his quick rise in position, despite his relatively young age. A notable motivation for this would most likely be his father's death, and the promises he made to him before that. Coupled with his family's ideals of career-oriented success, pride and prestige through positions and titles, along with power and authority, Jacob's motivations are clearly driven by factors that are not truly his own as well. 

Despite this, he still tries to find time for his own personal ventures, his most recent and notable including trips to the Citadel, Palaven, and Dekuuna, as well as a long-term relationship with a quarian (one Nalia'Tonbay, a Rannoch military official).


Jacob Angelaus was born on 2161, in the city of Seattle-Vancouver, in the United North American States. His father was, at the time, the Director for St. Michael’s Medical Center in Seattle-Vancouver and his mother was, at the time, a University lecturer at the University of Washingon. From a young age, Jacob was distanced from his parents, due to their workaholic tendencies, but despite that, his parents still tried finding time to dedicate to Jacob’s childhood. At the age of 18, Jacob wanted to head into medicine, to follow in his father’s footsteps, much to the approval of his father, and the rest of his family. He studied Medical Administration, and Biomedical Sciences during his undergraduate years, and after finishing that, successfully gained entrance into Medicine at the John’s Hopkins medical school. During this time, his father had been promoted to the Chairman of the Board for the UNAS’ Medical Board, and as such Jacob had increasing pressures from his father to succeed and follow along in his footsteps.

Jacob graduated with honors and distinctions on January of 2186, and returned to Seattle-Vancouver. He had high hopes that his father would had agreed with his plan to work off-world, but these hopes were dashed as his father told him that the best way forward was to walk in his footsteps. At around the same time, Jacob got engaged to his long-time lover that he'd met back in University, a fellow Doctor, Elizabeth M. Emerson. They were engaged right around the same time they finished medical school, in January of 2186, and were due to be wedded sometime in 2187.

The overall accomplishments of this period, with Jacob finishing medical school, with his father along with the rest of his family brimming with approval, and with his engagement with Elizabeth, made this essentially the high-point of Jacob's life, thus far.

A few months after Jacob’s graduation from Medical School, as Jacob was still deciding which path he should take with his career, the Reaper War began. Jacob was in Seattle-Vancouver in his father’s offices when the attack began, and immediately saw the horrible effects of the attack first-hand, as he witnessed his father’s death, as a Reaper blast tore through the office block.

As the city was under siege, Jacob managed to make his way to the hospital that his fiancé, Elizabeth, was working at. Upon finding his fiancé frantically treating the ever-growing horde of injured, he insisted that they leave, or find somewhere safer to hunker down. Elizabeth decided against this, and was outraged at Jacob's intentions of leaving. However, those were the last moments he'd spend with his fiancé, as just a few moments later a blast tore through the hospital, leaving Elizabeth mortally wounded. Despite this, her last moments were spent with Jacob, as he promised to uphold her promise, never to leave anyone behind, and to fulfil her wishes of helping as many as possible.

Jacob was extremely distraught by the turn of events, but decided to join the Emergency Civilian Medical corps as a means to help out the war effort in the most effective way he could, and was assigned to one of the major field hospitals (Hawford Field Hospital) on the outskirts of Seattle-Vancouver. He would treat hundreds, if not thousands of wounded UNAS national guard soldiers, and soon after, Alliance Marines, along with countless of civilians during the war.

As the war waged on, Jacob tried his best to locate and contact the rest of his family, notably his mother, along with his close friends from college, but to no avail. Until a newly commissioned Alliance Marine regiment was assigned to the field hospital. This is where Jacob was briefly reunited with one of his childhood and college age friends, Sam. During this period, Jacob had started bonding with Sam, slowly building a concrete relationship based on the trust and friendship they built during the many close calls they had at the hospital.

Despite this, a few months later, Sam, along with her regiment were reassigned to Chicago, leaving Jacob behind.

After the War

Even after the war, Jacob still worked non-stop in the field hospital, treating the critically injured soldiers and civilians. However a few weeks after that, he received word that the rest of his immediate family was gone, either through direct slaughter by the Reaper forces, or through indirect means, as with a few of his relatives who'd managed to survive in their secluded country home (but committed suicide, from the intense paranoia of being disconnected from updates on the war, and pressing concerns of indoctrination, and the fear of being turned into husks, or worse). As such Jacob coped with this by attempting to maintain and continue his father’s 'legacy' and that he’d continue on the path that his father had set for him. Either as a means of coping, or simply out of pure respect and determination, he himself does not know.

1 Month after the war, as the reconstruction efforts were starting, Jacob decided, to strike a balance between his desires, and the path that was desired of him by his father. During war he had seen his city, his home, destroyed and razed to the ground. He wanted to be part of the reconstruction efforts, and wanted to be one of the major driving forces behind its reconstruction, and as a result, decided that his skills would be better suited to deal with the actual reconstruction efforts of the city’s health-care infrastructure.

After deliberation by the local city government, and after seeing his records during the war along with his overall profile and alma mater, he was put in charge of the field hospital that he worked in during the war, as its Administrator. For approximately 8 months after the war Jacob was able to coordinate the reconstruction efforts of the field hospital, effectively shaping it, from a temporary medical center, to a permanent, fully-functioning hospital.

Seeing his progress at the rapid reconstruction speeds of the Field Hospital, in 2187, Jacob was offered a position on the City’s newly formed Health and Safety Department’s Administrative Board. Jacob would effectively be put in charge of a specified sector/region within the city, and the coordination of reconstruction efforts within that sector with regards to the reconstruction of the hospitals, and other vital medical infrastructure. He was also promoted from his position as Administrator of the newly christened Munroe Memorial Hospital, to its permanent Director.

From then on, till present, Jacob has been an effective addition to the board, and his track record with the speed of reconstruction has been quite impressive. However because of this Jacob has been grounded to Earth, to Seattle-Vancouver, and has never had the experience of leaving Earth, until quite recently.


  • Jacob keeps several mementos from the Reaper War (and from before the war) in his wallet. This includes:
    • A picture of his team at the Hawford (now Munroe Memorial) Hospital, the picture notably includes Jacob himself, his fellow medical staff, and the security team, Sam being the next notable person.
    • A picture of himself and his fiancé, Elizabeth, on an unspecified bridge platform, viewing a satellite launch.
  • Despite advances in medical science, and with short-sightedness practically being eradicated through use of LASIK and other forms of eyesight correction techniques, he still prefers to wear his prescription glasses. (His short-sightedness is quite bad, with him essentially unable to read text or make out faces barely half a meter away from him, without his glasses) 
  • He wears a watch regularly, despite the fact that such time-keeping devices are practically obsolete.
  • He managed to acquire part of what might be the only remaining stock of Kopi Luwak coffee beans, purchasing them from Cerastes who himself liberated them from a coffee shop during the Battle of Nos Dwicka.

Other Perspectives

"It's physically impossible for Jacob to unclench his asscheeks. They've been pushed together so tight for so long that they've fused together. He can't shit out of his ass anymore. He has to shit through his posts." - Lacertilia (Afiyi Maos)

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