Ivanova Industries is a human-owned aerospace company best known for building warships for the Systems Alliance Navy and manufacturing modular orbital infrastructure. Pre-Reaper War, Ivanova Industries operated an industrial complex on Arcturus Station and manufactured several lines of successful leisure and commercial vessels. The company owed its success to this lucrative relationship with the Systems Alliance and the military boom during and after the First Contact War.

Post-Reaper War it was expected that the crippling loss of their Arcturus facility and the majority of their employees (including members of the Ivanov family) would cause them to fold, but a bailout package from the Alliance and a steady market for industrial vessels has revitalised the company. Ivanova Industries' main industrial complex and head office are now located at the colony of Terra Nova.


Ivanova Industries was founded in 2152 by Nadezhda Ivanova, a Russian aerospace engineer and entrepeneur, as part of the private sector's race to the stars. Prudently, Ivanova developed relationships  within the fledgeling Alliance when it was still considered little more than a glorified space agency. Between 2152 and 2157, the company grew modestly but steadily with the expansion of humanity into the reaches of space. manufacturing some of the first explorer ships and orbital platforms to built above Earth and the Inner Colonies. 

With the advent of the First Contact War, the company flourished, securing several defence contracts and constructing their facility on Arcturus Station. It was about this time that they began designing what would become the popular Monaco line of leisure corvettes.

Despite a scandal involving Nadezhda's eldest daughter, a senior Minister, allegations of conflicts of interest and accusations by a prominent journalist of the Ivanova 'dynasty' unduly influencing politics, the company maintained its popularity with colonial groups and the Systems Alliance Navy.

Less than two years after the Reaper War, Nadezhda Ivanova announced that the company would be expanding its newly acquired facilities on Terra Nova and concentrating civilian production on its range of constructor, mining and other industrial vessels. Miss Ivanova stated that three thousand jobs were expected to be created within the next year as a result of the move, with eight hundred Terra Novans already employed by Ivanova Industries with the completion of Aysta Station. Further jobs were expected as Ivanova Industries ramped up production and completed the construction of the Quentin and Harlek Stations.


Military vessels:


  • Bremerhaven-class Freighter
  • Hadid Constructor
  • Koval-class Corvetter
  • Rockefeller Extractor/Factory Ship


  • Monaco Corvetter