Iulai Aulus was a 6-year-old turian female, originally believed an orphan of the conflict on Taetrus.

Iulai became the centre of a controversy when Jason and Melinda Dekeyrel, the human co-hosts of the HV talk show "Presidium Talk", initiated proceedings to adopt her, after a trip to Taetrus to research the war included a visit to one of many orphanages caring for children there. The Dekeyrels' sincerity in wishing to adopt Iulai was not generally questioned, but public statements indicating they wished her to have a home "away from all the war and bloodshed she's had to endure" provoked an outcry from several turian groups, who believed Iulai would be denied exposure to her native culture, and that her best interests would be served by being raised by fellow turians in the Turian Hierarchy.

The case was complicated when Iulai's father, Hierarchy fleet captain Eonus Aulus, came forward. Aulus had believed his daughter had perished during the Taetrus conflict, along with his late wife; in realising his daughter had survived and been mistakenly placed as an orphan, he demanded the Dekeyrels cease adoption proceedings, intending to raise her himself. The Dekeyrels didn't comply, insisting that they could provide a more stable home environment, and more consistent attention that Aulus, still a serving officer in the Hierarchy fleet.

Arbitrators on Taetrus heard arguments from Aulus's Hierarchy-provided legal team, and asari lawyer Sanjinda T'Dolas speaking for the Dekeyrels, but before a decision could be reached, the Dekeyrels chose to halt proceedings and give up their claim on Iulai. In a speech following the conclusion of proceedings, Aulus acknowledged that both parties had had his daughter's best interests at heart, and expressed deep gratitude towards the Dekeyrels for standing aside.