A planet in the Aru system, Aethon Cluster.

The homeworld of the volus, Irune is a world with an ammonia-based biosphere. This rare environment means that the volus have been slow to colonize; there are few planets that meet their habitation requirements. Most prefer to stay on Irune, working remotely via the extranet. The more adventurous don the clumsy but vital pressure suits and venture out to worlds in Citadel space to make their fortunes.

Irune’s cities tend to be built on fast trade routes rather than militarily defensible positions. While this left them vulnerable to husk attack during the Reaper occupation, it also allowed them to rebuild faster than other worlds, giving them a slight economic edge that they took full advantage of. Right now, the volus are leveraging themselves to be made a full member of the Citadel Council as a result of their economic recovery efforts. While this seems unlikely, the movement has drawn more attention to volus efforts over the past few years, giving their businesses a much-appreciated amount of free advertising.

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Bem Ven Evess: A city. It features a university of some renown.

Burgoad Province


High Zleem

Hovita Cove: The waterlogged body of inventor Ora Thubb was found here, having been hacked open in an effort to sink it, a somewhat redundant measure given the low buoyancy of a body in Irune’s ammonia-heavy seas.


Jentudin: The capital of an ancient trading empire that maintained its independence and prestige over many centuries. Known as the City That Never Fell and the Unshaken City, it's located in the Con Dannis Territories. Jentudin drew upon the local wildlife for inspiration, with the Frost-Bellied Dawnstalker chosen as a defining symbol of the city and its culture. Depicted on the official flag of the three unified clans that ruled Jentudin, it was also displayed on banners and on the covers of historic lawbooks, becoming a globally-recognized icon. The Frost-Bellied Dawnstalker was noted for its striking colouration and dignified pose, and was indigenous only to a small region proximate to the city.

Latanísal: Located in the state of Atenasal, in the mountains. The space centre in Koharísal is only a few dozen kilometers away.

Lenos: The capital city.

Shel Norton: This region's capital is now named "Drune" after krogan commander Urdnot Drune.


Xaxi: A city in the Mortotova region. Birthplace of Mor Ortlo.

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