A young human living on the Citadel. Irene was seventeen when her father was murdered, part of the Who Goes There 2 story arc.

Most notably amid the fallout, she was mentioned in hit HV show The Life Egregious (season three, episode six), after Eightball donated 187's credits to the CDN fund established to provide for her.

Surviving the Reaper invasion, she has pursued a career in xenoarchaeology.


At one point, she posted a bounty of ten credits for her boyfriend Kaneel'Jorash nar Sombrei, for the reason of "I need to talk to him so I can break up with him." The bounty posting noted that the subject must be captured alive.

Threads of Note

But Deliver Us From Evil: The death of her father.

Something Happened: Collateral.

They Say A Friend In Need: And still more collateral, as Irene grieves.

Romantic Fatigue: About that boyfriend who disappeared for half a year...

Poll: Do Breakups Suck?: CDN learns about the breakup.


Long Time No See: After many years, Irene returns to CDN.

Sashimi Rollin: Lunch with a krogan.