Irati is a VI developed to serve as a public information and tourist guide service on Illium.

The project was undertaken by Illium's Communications Directorate, with Synchrodyne Simulations and Nos Astra University's Coordinated Science Laboratory contracted to develop the necessary hardware and software. Existing VI terminals in former Nos Varda - left over from Illium's previous general information VI, Agera, which fell into disuse and was shut down fifty years previously - were refurbished, and new terminals installed in the remainder of new Nos Astra. Other cities and settlements activated their own localised Irati systems following a month-long trial period in Nos Astra.

In addition to its public information role, similar to that of other public VIs like the Citadel's Avina, Communications Directorate intended for Irati to serve as a tourism ambassador of sorts, the 'face of Illium' which would greet travellers and create a positive, engaging first impression. Consequently the VI is free to express a much wider range of simulated response states than an Avina, by comparison, and includes not only public and business databases to draw information from, but the capability to gather demographic data from its surroundings and tailor its mannerisms and speech patterns to match models judged to appear attractive and persuasive to a wide range of species and cultures. Although there were proposals for Irati to assume a customised physical appearance depending on the species of its target audience, Communications Directorate judged it more fitting for Illium to have a consistent asari 'spokesperson'.

Out-of-character notes

Irati's appearance is based on Devon Aoki, altered to appear perfectly symmetrical.

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