Intrepid wallpaper 2000x1600 by foxgames-d4yas1f-1-

They are not beautiful, but they are a box full of surprises. - Captain Tulem Zarim, NHDF

To fulfil the demand for a modern yet economic frigate NH Dynamics forwarded the Intrepid-class to the competition for new friagate for the NHDF. Heavily modularized, entire sections of this ship could be exchange without damaging the primary frame. Depending on configuration the Intrepid can fulfill any needed role on the battlefield. Additional cooling systems would increase firepower and endurance, or sections with additional GARDIAN batteries for intercepting attackers and escort larger vessels.

While there are drawbacks in that a single-purpose vessel would out-perform the Interpid in the relevant configuration, it is hard to tell what kind of configuration this ship is using before engaging, forcing the opponent to gamble. Plus, with many components interchangeable, supplying these ships is cheaper than supplying a fleet consisting of multiple frigate classes.

Role: Space superiority, actual role may vary depending on configuration.

OOC-Note: Inspiration for the description were the Leopard 1/2 and Unimog frames, that are used for a wide array of vehicles in use by the Bundeswehr from Gepard AA tanks to Keiler pioneer vehicles and Dingo ATFs.

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