The Drownscaled Tempest lays within the Rainreaved Ocean.


The Drownscaled Tempest functions within the broad band of classification known as Corporate Vassagle. At fundamental level it simply means that a dominant corporate interest retains superior executive authority and, by extension a monopoly on legitimized force within the given area. Political bodies pledge themselves into the corporation’s service in turn for reciprocal benefits in reminiscence of feudal contracts.

Realistically the details can differ wildly from corporation to corporation and holding to holding. In some regions employment is synonymous with citizenship. In others the policy is very hands off, the corporation restricting itself only to decisions that affect broad strategy and general policy. The Drownscaled Tempest, like many such regions, blends the two extremes.

Current Rulers and Leaders

The Titan Corporation maintains extensive de facto authority over the region as a whole.


Batarians and turians are the two major demographics within the Tempest with hanar and salarians forming significant minorities. Humans are present in the area, albeit in largely negligible numbers.


In general terms the Incorporated Territories of the Drownscaled Tempest is a formally recognized corporatist-mercenary state, positioned on the outer edges of the Rainreaved Ocean near the Sadarung Floodgate Relay, the primary bridge between the Shrike Abyssal and the Transversal, as well as a confluence of secondary relays known as the Fengdra Diluvians. Individually the worlds within are relatively stable, militarized, and noted supporters of the current Dhasang Min Xi. The region as a whole has been under the de facto authority of the Titan Corporation following Operation: Bull Market in 2184.

A coordinated military expedition launched from the conglomerate’s Omega holdings, Bull Market exploited a deliberately exacerbated civil conflict (the preceding Operation: Bear Market, a noted success) in order to seize control against numerically superior and well entrenched factions. Despite complications at the midpoint (ie. Bear Market coming to light and an already volatile engagement exploding into a full three way war) ultimately Titan was able to leverage allies across insurgent and incumbent groups in order to secure a favorable, if moderately bloodstained, peace.

The event was considered a transfer of power typical of the Abyss. Titan was formally recognized as the lawful representative of the Tempest to the Sankaita No in 2185 and the corporation’s conduct and cooperation during the Reaper War has gone a substantial way to cementing its status as the dominant power.



This is the core of Titan’s influence in the galaxy and where said influence is naturally the strongest. They were a Terminus agent long before they branched out to the Citadel and, though they rule little outright, even private ships and pocket militaries in the Drownscaled Tempest fly the corporate flag alongside their own banners.

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