A nation affiliated with the Citadel, based on the planet Kahje. Its dominant species, the hanar, are among the most alien of sapient races, and their distinctions have kept them somewhat isolated from their allies and neighbours. The Primacy is one of the smaller Citadel economies.





The Primacy keeps the peace between the many ideological nations of the hanar. There are three branches of government: the Civil Service, the Armed Forces, and the Office of Doctrine.

Religion is intertwined with every aspect of the government.

To put it concisely, the hanar practise consenting theocratic tyranny, unless their tradition has decided to experiment with other forms of government (though 'theocratic' is probably going to be in there somewhere). Hanar are perfectly fine with a dictator, as long as it works. If one thinks that it doesn't work, they are completely free, under Primacy law, to leave and start their own cult, and if they're charismatic enough, bring others along. The Primacy prefers this to the messy business of rebellion.

The Primacy is sometimes dismissed politically, due to its isolation and relatively small economy, and is often seen as elitist, due to the deeply-ingrained hanar standards of courteous expression, which are violated by most alien speech. However, the Primacy has its influence. While their involvement in direct trade is limited, they've made major contributions to research and development in many fields of technology, including life support systems and automated mining/heavy manufacturing hardware, assets which have been judiciously parlayed into significant political gains. During the 2180s it was even rumored by some that the Primacy was under consideration for elevation to the Citadel Council, although the granting of a seat to the Systems Alliance has now rendered this extremely unlikely.


Literature of the Illuminated Primacy




Halo of Light


Katamayla: A minor, outlying colony subject to some unrest. While hiring mercenaries was considered an unorthodox move for Primacy-affiliated governments, the reported incompetence of local planetary forces and the Primacy's lack of a strong standing army forced the hanar into doing so. President Moisetsho of Katamayla was the biggest proponent of integrating Blue Suns outfits into planetary defence forces; see: 9 Commando.

Relic System


The Primacy's military force is relatively small. During the Reaper War, the Primacy contributed its forces to the battle against Reaper invasion when Commander Shepard prevented an indoctrinated official from sabotaging the defences of their besieged homeworld. Kahje came through the war relatively intact, although losses among the fleet were high.

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