The Illium Entertainment Network (IEN) is a news network operating from headquarters in Nos Astra, Illium. Its primary focus is entertainment news and celebrity gossip.

Although IEN's newsfeed is redistributed galaxy-wide, it strongly favours topics local to Illium, often to the point of neglecting other perspectives even when reporting on matters of wider relevance. The network is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Illium Entertainment, and although it professes editorial independence - and makes at least token efforts to include alternative viewpoints, and report on media from other publishers - its entertainment reporting is heavily biased towards showing IE products in a favourable light, and providing the maximum coverage for IE's media and events. The network's coverage of celebrities - including many of Illium's wealthy and powerful, as well as entertainment personalities - has a focus on sensation and scandal, but likewise tends to stop short of making (or embellishing) reports on anything heavily politically embarrassing to the planet's Board of Governors, or other figures whose displeasure would be problematic for IE.

Media commentators have accused the network of being little more than a lurid rumour mill and advertising agency disguised as news; when directly confronted over such claims, IEN spokespeople tend to half-heartedly tout the network's healthy ratings, and otherwise ignore the criticism.

Content rebroadcast via CDN

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