Illa'Salan nar Yonah
IllaSalan nar Yonah
Username: IllaSalan nar Yonah
Species: Quarian
Age: 19 (as of Mass Effect 2)
Date of Birth: 2166
Occupation: Artist
Location: Illium
Marital Status: Single

Iryana Lerish

Affiliations: None

"I love meeting new people."

Illa'Salan nar Yonah is a quarian pilgrim with a notable enthusiasm for social interaction and species diversity. Some may find her zeal a bit... unsettling...


While it would be inaccurate to call her a socialite, her most obvious trait is her desire to interact with people, namely species she has never met before. However, once locked in conversation with her, you will notice her speech seems to be a bit guarded and withdrawn and she seems to keep everyone at a psychological distance. She speaks slowly and seems to choose her words carefully. This has led many to believe she had a speech impediment when she was younger.


Early Life

(Coming soon)


(Coming soon)


(Coming soon)


Iryana Lerish

The very first drell she had ever met. They first talked on the forums where Iryana volunteered to show her around Nos Astra when she arrived. Illa took her up on that offer, but when her flight arrived early, she contacted Iryana... even though she never gave Illa her contact information prior. She was a bit disturbed initally, but Illa quickly cleared it up, revealing she had used the Nos Astra directory. Storyline still ongoing.

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