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Idem Quod
Username: TheId
Species: Turian
Age: 44
Date of Birth: 2141
Occupation: Associate Professor
Location: Invictus
Marital Status: Open relationship with Veritas Imperius
Acquaintances: Harrad Illum, Albert Lowell, Thel'Adean vas Tinketta
Affiliation: Turian Hierarchy

"I'm sure that your child, his...'essence'...and all of his other precious bodily fluids are still intact, Corvax."

Idem Quod was an Associate Professor of Human History at the Septimus Oraka Institute for Higher Learning on the planet Invictus. Alternating between periods of deadpan wisecracking, stoicism, and paralyzing shyness, Idem's social skills left something to be desired. However, he was fundamentally a Paragon at heart and often spoke of his hope for increased cooperation between the Systems Alliance and Turian Hierarchy. He also had a soft spot for his boyfriend, Veritas Imperius, even though the two were almost the exact opposite in terms of temperament.

Idem Quod was killed by Cerberus forces on their raid on Invictus in 2186.


Early Life

The only child of a middle-class turian family, Quod's early life on Palaven was relatively normal until the age of six, when his mother died of an early-onset case of Corpalis Syndrome. His father, a workaholic who already had a distant and ambivalent attitude toward his son, was unable to find any method of coping with his wife's death and began to spend even more time at the office. Neglected, Idem spent a few months as a latchkey kid, using up most of his free time reading and developing rudimentary cooking skills.

His maternal grandparents eventually became concerned about his father's treatment and volunteered to raise him. His grandmother in particular took notice of Idem's hobbies and encouraged him to further develop his cooking skill. She also unintentionally got the young turian interested in history through her stories of traveling the galaxy and working a multitude of odd jobs. Displaying great promise in his early education, Idem was sent off to a boarding school to prepare for a career in the Hierarchy military.

Military Service

Demonstrating a natural aptitude for history, hand-to-hand combat, and pistol marksmanship, Quod was assigned to his legion's historical team and developed a reputation among his superiors as a prudish but dedicated and talented solider. It was during this period that he first met a Biotic Cabal recruit named Veri Imperius. The two became fast friends, and the relationship eventually deepened into romance, though Idem was too shy to admit his own feelings. Nonetheless, it seemed that Veri's influence was slowly coaxing Idem out of his shell.

Unfortunately, the two were separated while stationed on Shanxi during a counterattack by the Systems Alliance. After a shelling of their military complex, Veri was officially labelled as missing in action after video footage left the impression that he was killed by the blast and no body was found. For his part, Idem was shot through the left talon by an Alliance sniper and had to spend time recuperating after the cessation of the First Contact War. Although he passed several psychological examinations before returning to duty, his experiences on Shanxi profoundly affected him and caused him to wall himself off from relationships even more thoroughly; Quod continued to display subtle symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for nearly three decades afterwards.

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