The Idaho class vessel Ubercraft, twenty minutes before it was pounded to scrap by Blue Suns forces

That... that poor bastard's in an Idaho. We should probably put him out of his misery.

The Idaho class heavy cruiser is a corporate-designed warship, notorious for its poor performance.

The Idaho class is an excellent example of the perils of independent ship design. In 2168 CE, a megacorporation CEO named Harrold Westerfield demanded that his engineers build him a new type of heavy cruiser. Something that could threaten a dreadnought, and move troops like a carrier, something that could take on small fleets on its own. Something that would spearhead assaults through relays, blasting away at defending fleets and co-ordinating every ship on the battlefield simultaneously. Westerfield wanted a king of space, a ship that would dethrone the Hierophant Class Heavy Cruiser as the Tyrant King of Warfare in the Terminus Systems, and let its crew look good and live in luxury while doing it.

What he got was an over-engineered, finicky piece of crap with constant maintenance issues, incapable of competing with more specialized cruisers in any area that they focused on, yet not resilient and capable enough to be a generic workhorse vessel. The only area in which the Idaho excelled was its exorbitant manufacturing cost.

Heavily modified Idahos have seen some use as stopgaps, filling in the weaknesses of a fleet, or as well armed luxury ships, but for the most part, the Idaho has simply been abandoned, and for very good reason.