Ibbani Incorporated is an asari tech firm based out of Illium. Founded in 2134, it is relatively new by asari standards, but it managed to gain a foothold by doing business with both fringe Council space and colony worlds out in the Terminus Systems. Ibbani headquarters can be found in Nos Astra, Illium, with two manufacturing plants in Nos Astra and Nos Olmos.


Ibbani specializes in military hardware, with some of its mainline products seeing use within the Systems Alliance and Republics Militaries, although not in extreme numbers. Ibbani's most well-known product is the Oversight line of omni-tools, which are known as "The poor man's Savant", since the Oversight tools run at only 10% less efficiency than the Savants, at a far reduced cost.

Recently, however, Ibbani has shifted into weapon and armour development, and has seen the creation of the Angel-class armour, and the M-88 Fiddleback rifle. While the Fiddleback has found itself a niche success on colonial worlds, the Angel's above-average shielding marks were deemed not enough to justify its impractical cost.


Employees included Camille Winston Colter.