A world of the Asari Republics. Hyetiana served as a bastion of research for the asari, boasting multiple observation outposts, glacial drilling stations, and educational institutions. While the planet’s average temperature hovers near freezing, the equatorial band contains oceans and many fresh-water rivers.

The capital is Port Lerama.

Xenobiologists of all stripes often visited the planet, as its expansive facilities were a haven for the life sciences.


Wartime History

The Reapers destroyed Hyetiana’s spaceports and its uniformed defense forces. As with other asari planets, the Reapers forced the heavily biotic population into surrender through threats of massive retaliation rather than assault by husks alone.

Once the population submitted, the Reaper occupation was harsh and unforgiving. Dozens of processing plants still stand amidst the ruined cities like obsidian mausoleums.

The post-war population stood at ninety-eight million.

One strange incident is of note in the post-war recovery efforts. As reported by The Nos Varda Times (though the authenticity is perhaps suspect), among the crushed, nigh-unrecognizable remains found in the rubble of Port Lerama was a very peculiar corpse. Most of the body was mutilated; preliminary findings failed to identify the species beyond a vaguely humanoid frame. Upon an autopsy, the skeletal structure and DNA analysis showed that the corpse’s identity was none other than raloi, unusual in that almost all offworld raloi had returned to Turvess early in the course of the war, and contact hadn't yet been reestablished.

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