Katana class frigate by madeinjapan1988-d31duk1-1-

Image done by madeinjapan1988, deviantart

Class Name: Huntress

Ship Classification: Frigate


This design of asari origin went into production about 100 years ago and has been used since. Conceived as a 'lessons learned' class of ship from earlier conflicts and featuring turian influence, this class boasts more armor and firepower compared to other asari frigates, but sacrifices on the ability to quickly engage and disengage an enemy. This is the reason it didn't catch on with most Asari Republics militaries, so the producer quickly started to sell to other factions.

The Huntress is, by virtue of its asari technology and design, among the fastest and most maneuverable frigates available to the free market, where it competes in the high-end (i.e. expensive) sector for corporate armies. First-hand buyers are megacorps looking for advanced ships to deploy their elite security forces, defend their most valuable assets and reach out against the competition. Price-tag and asari aesthetics make it a sought-after ship for rich independent colonies and successful warlords alike. Simply owning and operating a wolf-pack of Huntresses is a considerable status symbol.

Role: Precision attacks, fielding of commando units, hit-and-run operations.

Ships of Note

Unsavaged, belonging to Sigif.